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Discovering your inner worlds

This site is dedicated to teaching and learning of your inner worlds within the consciousness. It is based off the yahoo research group Metabliss which was started to help those discover their ability to travel through the mind to outside of the body. This site is also for the purpose of learning your subconscious launguage of dreams. The Focus is on helping one another with the seeking of more information about these other realms that lay just outside reality. With the faith that we can start to eliminate theories to facts, we can begin finding answers that we all question about ourselves and our dimensions. It is through our search we will find truth within ourselves as we journey through the multidimensial worlds. I wish that together we can start to know rather than just beleive that there is much more to our reality than what meets the eye. I hope that everyone partakes in any study we may have conducted and that you will use our guides as a tool to learn about the depths of your own self and the worlds around you. Thanks, Ronni